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Facade Aluminium and Metal Products

AlGhazi Aluminium & Metal Industries LLC was founded in 1996 and currently employs 300 people. With fabrication facilities located in Dubai, it is the most skilled manufacturer of windows and facades in the United Arab Emirates. admired for their ability to design, fabricate, install, and supply full facade solutions for a range of architectural products in both the commercial and non-commercial construction sectors.

With years of experience, we are proud to take on new tasks and assist general contractors, architects, and property owners in creating and executing the intricate building facades of today.



AlGhazi Aluminum and Metal Industries’ quality standards Our products are distinguished by their innovation and quality. To ensure that our products meet worldwide standards, we are committed to continuously raising the bar on our quality standards. To ensure a faultless manufacturing process, we purchase our superior quality raw materials from reputable and well-established suppliers and distributors.

Maintaining a stringent quality management system with checks and control manufacturing operations is our work policy.
Every step of the manufacturing process is inspected by our team of quality control inspectors, from the acquisition of raw materials to the packaging of the final goods.

Alghazi Metal & Aluminum Warehouse, UAE

Devoted workers at the Alghazi Aluminium and Metal Industry warehouse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, put up great effort to finish all projects with a high degree of professionalism and on schedule.