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Al-Ghazi Group has established a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and sales facility dealing with aluminum profiles to cater to the needs of the industry. Through this new manufacturing facility and distribution center, Facade Aluminium Systems has the infrastructure to be flexible and fast enough to deliver complete systems to the market while meeting the high level of service and quality that has characterized the industry for many decades.

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We are committed to serving the diverse needs of UAE individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you’re looking for unique home solutions or comprehensive solutions, our team of experts guides you.

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Take a look at a selection of the projects we have undertaken. With over 29 years of experience within our team, we have gained the trust and reliability of a variety of industries.

Product Distinction

AlGhazi realized that providing value-added services would set them apart from rivals. This included offering cutting-edge product offers, exceptional craftsmanship, and creative design solutions.

Optimization of Costs

AlGhazi Aluminum Fabricators concentrated on cutting waste, streamlining procedures, and obtaining better prices with suppliers in order to optimize its operating costs. To lessen the impact of price swings, we also looked at alternate aluminum procurement options.


Our group of extremely talented individuals consists of professionals with years of experience in the field who are experts in making custom doors, windows, and pergolas.


We Make it easy, from Design to installation.

Our team of highly skilled professionals comprises industry experts who have mastered the art of creating bespoke windows, doors, and pergolas. We understand that each project is unique, and we take pride in our ability to tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Quality Standards

AlGhazi Aluminum and Metal Industries’ quality standards Our products are distinguished by their innovation and quality. To ensure that our products meet worldwide standards, we are committed to continuously raising the bar on our quality standards. To ensure a faultless manufacturing process, we purchase our superior quality raw materials from reputable and well-established suppliers and distributors.

Maintaining a stringent quality management system with checks and control manufacturing operations is our work policy.
Every step of the manufacturing process is inspected by our team of quality control inspectors, from the acquisition of raw materials to the packaging of the final goods.

What We Do

Our company has been involved in several exciting projects over the years, and we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and make a positive impact in various industries. Here are some of our most notable projects.