AlGhazi Group

What We Do

Leading Fabricator of Aluminum and Metal Industry

What We Do

Leading Fabricator of Aluminum and Metal Industry

We are glad to present Alghazi Aluminum and Metal Industries, the leading company in the United Arab Emirates’ windows and façade manufacturing industry.

Alghazi Aluminum and Metal Industries is known for being the most skilled fabricator of windows and facades in the United Arab Emirates, because to its unwavering dedication to unmatched quality and accuracy.

In order to meet the specific needs of both residential and commercial clients, we at Alghazi skillfully combine innovation and workmanship. Beyond simple manufacturing, we specialize in producing windows and facades that are both aesthetically beautiful and highly practical, elevating the architectural beauty of any given area.


• Acoustic System
• Bi-Fold System
• Retractable glazing Roof Top Skylights
• Terracotta Cladding
• Architectural Aluminium
• Composite Cladding Panels
• Curtain Walling and Facades

• Hinge Doors
• Pergola Shading System
• Movable Wall System
• Aluminium Louvers And Screens
• Panoramic Sliding Systems
• Non- Thermal and Thermally Broken
 Aluminium Casement
• Aluminum and glazed Canopies

• Doors & Windows
• Glass House
• Acoustic Glass Partition
• Hinged And Sliding Windows and Doors
• Shower Doors and Enclosures
• Skylights, Domes, Barrel Vault Type
• Roof Lights
• Frameless Glass Shop Fronts and Entrances
• Architectural Stainless Steel Products

Our Commitment to Excellence Recognized with ISO Certification