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Hearnne® H20 Minimal Sliding System

Experience the Hearnne® double-glazed window system – an ultra-modern, nearly frameless aluminum sliding window with sleek 20mm sash profiles. Revel in the expansive views through large sliding sashes, reaching up to 4 meters in height, and virtually invisible frame profiles.
Immerse yourself in panoramic vistas of the sea, gaze at the starlit night sky, or appreciate the splendor of natural landscapes and gardens with our unobtrusive design. Elevate your living space with our seamless minimal sliding window system for a truly enchanting experience.

Our minimalistic sliding systems offer minimal frame sliding doors and windows which are ideal for both your commercial and residential spaces, Alghazi Group holds the brilliance in providing unique functionality and versatility together in their wardrobe, full wall, multitrack, telescopic, folding and slide doors and windows system with minimalistic design and panoramic view.



Technical characteristics
Sash Visible width 20 mm
Maximum leaf height 4 m
Frame Visible width 50 / 55 mm
Thermal transmission coefficient Uw ≥ 1,1 W/(m²K)
Maximum Single leaf area size up to 12 m²
Maximum leaf weight 500 kg
Overall insulation glass thickness up to 32 mm
Sliding Automation leaf yes up to 2,400 kg
Air permeability Class 4 according to EN 12207
Rain resistance Class 8A according to EN 12208
Resistance of Wind Load Class C4/B5 according to EN 12210
Sound insulation Up to 39 dB according to ISO 717-1

* The maximum dimensions of the construction are determined by the manufacturer according to the typology and conditions of the project

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