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Hearnne® G500 Guillotine Vertical Sliding Windows System

Explore the Hearnne®  G500 Guillotine vertical sliding window system, featuring hidden counterweights and pulleys for balanced operable panels. Available in single or multiple panels, tracks, and manual or motorized operation, it offers versatility for various configurations, including vertical pocketing conditions.

Operated by a high-precision counterweight system, the guillotine ensures smooth, effortless movement. Its design facilitates easy operation for all ages, retracting and extending with minimal effort. Engineered for precision, the counterweight system guarantees accurate movement on every use.

The system’s weight distribution minimizes stress on the framework, enhancing durability. With excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing, the Hearnne® G500 Gullotine/Vertical Sliding System is an energy-efficient and quiet solution for any building. Elevate your space with this seamlessly functional and innovative window system.

We redefine the boundaries of exclusivity and functionality with our innovative
Guillotine multi leaf  glass windows. Crafted to elevate architectural aesthetics while maximizing space efficiency, our guillotine sliding solutions offer a seamless fusion of form and function.



Profile Visible width 35 mm
Facing width from centre point exterior cover cap 35 mm
Maximum leaf size fixed lights with 8 m²
Maximum overall height 4.0 m
Maximum leaf weight 800 kg
Glass thickness fixed 36 mm (double insulation glazing*)
Thermal transmission coefficient Uw ≥ 1.1 W/m²K
Air permeability up to class 4 according to EN 12207
Driving rain tightness up to class 7A according to EN 12208
Resistance to wind load up to class C4/B5 according to EN 12210
Sound insulation up to 39 dB achievable

* The maximum dimensions of the construction are determined by the manufacturer according to the typology and conditions of the project

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