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Hearnne® C50 Casement Windows System

Introducing the Hearnne® C50 system for casement windows by Al-Ghazi Group, a sleek and modern solution designed to enhance your living space. 

With its minimalist aesthetic and reduced-view linear design, this system offers both, style and functionality. Providing various opening types such as fixed, tilting, casement, and turn-and-tilt spans.

One of the standout features of this system is its ability to create expansive glazed openings, reaching heights of up to 3.0 meters. 

Double glazing can be installed at this generous height with thicknesses up to 24 mm and weights up to 150 kg, ensuring durability and stability.

Experience the perfect blend of elegance and performance with Al Ghazi’s innovative casement awning system.

Ideal for various architectural designs, Al-Ghazi’s casement or double hung windows present an appealing window choice for homeowners and architects seeking modern solutions.



Technical characteristics
Sash Visible width 50 mm
Maximum leaf height 3 m
Thermal transmission coefficient Uw ≥ 1,1 W/(m²K)
Maximum Single leaf area size up to 3.6 m²
Maximum leaf weight 500 kg
Overall insulation glass thickness up to 24 mm
Air permeability Class 4 according to EN 12207
Rain resistance Class 8A according to EN 12208
Resistance of Wind Load Class C4/B5 according to EN 12210
Sound insulation Up to 39 dB according to ISO 717-1

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