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FixedGlo X1 Series


The FixedGlo X1 Series presents seven diverse threshold designs available at three distinct heights (35, 49, 71mm). This flexibility allows for fully flat thresholds and ensures high water tightness, meeting the requirements of a wide range of projects. With gaskets along the entire perimeter and a drainage gutter, the system excels in water tightness and air permeability, supporting various typologies and corner fabrications. In its standard setup, a 32mm double glass panel is utilized for optimal thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation.

This innovative sliding system, previously known as FixedGlo X1 Series, boasts a bottom sliding mechanism designed for exceptional smoothness and long-term reliability. Optionally, two hard brushes along the track protect the system from dirt, ensuring unobstructed sliding. Stainless steel rollers come standard, enhancing durability. The availability of a low bottom threshold (35mm) eliminates the need for top hang systems, accommodating diverse project requirements. The system supports various opening combinations, including open corners and individual access doors.

Enhancing security, the standard equipment includes a multiple-locking system to resist burglary effectively.



Technical characteristics
Frame Visible Width 40 / 57 mm
Product 1 Value A
Product 2 Value B
Product 3 Value C
Product 4 Value D
Technical characteristics
Frame Visible Height 50 / 70 mm

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