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LiftGlide X1 Series


A budget-friendly commercial slim system meticulously crafted for buildings seeking an aesthetic upgrade without the additional expense. It serves as an optimal choice for development companies aiming to enhance the visual appeal of their buildings while staying within a tight budget. Similarly, it proves advantageous for hotel units with a multitude of relatively small openings. Technically proficient, the system can fabricate doors up to three meters in height, two meters in width, and 200kg per leaf, making it a versatile solution for various residential projects.

The locking system offers three different options, with a standard multiple locking system and an optional exterior access control via a key to cater to diverse needs.

Providing flexibility, two threshold designs are available at a low height of 42mm, allowing for either an exposed or fully submerged step. Additionally, water extraction can be facilitated through pipes directly installed on the track, eliminating the need for a drainage gutter.

Undoubtedly, the AlGhazi 50 Slim Super Thermal stands out as one of the most commercially viable slim sliding systems in the market, aligning seamlessly with the recent trend towards minimalistic designs. It excels at handling corners without the need for a post and supports combo configurations, including sliding integrated with railing and sliding with fixed components.



Technical characteristics
Frame Visible Width 40 / 57 mm
Product 1 Value A
Product 2 Value B
Product 3 Value C
Product 4 Value D
Technical characteristics
Frame Visible Height 50 / 70 mm

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