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Hearnne® P160 Pivot Door System

Alghazi presents the Hearnne®  P160, a revolutionary line of pivot system doors designed to bring sophistication and functionality to your living or working environment. 

These minimal pivot doors and windows effortlessly rotate on their axes, with the bits of help of its invisible pivot hinge.

It is the most compatible system With a soft closing mechanism. It comes with additional features of jambs or frames as it’s concealed in the outer profile making the minimal design more aesthetic and functional.

Our Pivot Doors redefine elegance with their sleek and modern appearance. Whether you want to install a modern pivot front door or add a touch of refinement to your space, our doors are designed to elevate any environment.



Technical characteristics
Sash Visible width 20 mm
Maximum leaf height 3 m
Maximum leaf weight 500 kg
Overall insulation glass thickness up to 22 mm

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