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Hearnne® SP680

Transform your space and make a grand entrance with our cutting-edge Stacking/Parking System by Alghazi. Elevate both residential and commercial environments with our SP680 top-hung stacking glass doors, carefully engineered to optimize space while ensuring security and effortless operation. 

These doors combine functionality with elegance, offering an uninterrupted view whether open or closed. Similar to bi-folding doors, they effortlessly slide, pivot, and stack against walls or into designated pockets at either end of the opening. With features like a minimal design, durability, seamless track system, stackable doors, and top roller track, our Stacking/Parking System promises the perfect blend of style and convenience.



Technical characteristics
Maximum leaf height 3.5 m
Maximum leaf width .90 m
Maximum Single leaf area size up to 3.5 m²
Maximum leaf weight 200 kg
Overall insulation glass thickness up to 8 mm to 10 mm

* The maximum dimensions of the construction are determined by the manufacturer according to the typology and conditions of the project

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