Railing System - Type A

Railing system _ Balustrades
Railing system _ Balustrades
Railing system _ Balustrades
Railing system _ Balustrades

Comenza is a European company specialising in the development of exclusive, safe and easy-to-install railing and handrail systems for construction projects in the residential, hotel, commercial, institutional, health, education and sport areas and more.


To develop innovative railing systems that can be installed anywhere in the world, that comply with international building regulations and that provide the optimum balance between design, quality and price.


To be a global leader in the architectural sector through the development of railing systems, in close collaboration with our clients, suppliers and strategic partners.

How do we do it?

  • Exclusive design: functional and simple designs that blend in naturally and in perfect harmony with the architectural surroundings.
  • Safety: we develop railing systems that guarantee safe, convenient spaces for users in line with the most restrictive international building codes and regulations.
  • Easy Installation: we design solutions that generate trust and convenience for the installer, reducing times, simplifying processes and minimising installation mistakes.

Railing Passion is much more than a slogan: it is our working philosophy and our raison d’être. It is an essential part of our corporate culture that inspires us and commits us in our daily dealings to developing exclusive, safe and easy-to-install railing systems that provide the best possible experience, both to our clients and to the end users.