French doors


French doors with aluminum frames are exceptionally good looking, since aluminum can be mend in many shapes and sizes without any compromise on quality.

French Doors prove to be a great option as they provide durability at affordable prices. Opting French Doors in UAE is always a fantastic idea as it helps in creating a structurally sound framework. It also allows flexibility to opt from a range of colors and finishes, which allows the design the luxury of experimenting with the design. Aluminium windows allow the scope of improving the aesthetics of the building, inside and out.

Here are some of the benefits of french doors by Al ghazi:
1.) Easy access to your patio or exterior:
French doors are perfect for warm summer days. You can easily bring the outdoors inside with such a door.
2.) Energy efficient:
Since French doors are primarily all glass, these types of doors can bring in an incredible amount of natural light.
Renewal by Al Ghazi showroom 5-point locking system on its Frenchwood ® patio doors not only offers an increase level of security but also improves energy efficiency.
3.) Gives a plain room an extra look:
Of course French doors are extremely functional, but the primary function of a French door is its aesthetic features.
French doors can create a dramatic impact on your home. See the picture below on how this style of door can make your indoor and outdoor living spaces interconnected.

4.) A valuable investment:
Because of its aesthetics, Al Ghazi doors prove to be a smart investment. With the addition of this type of door, you can increase the potential sale value of your home.
Consult your local real estate agent to see if French doors are a wise addition for you home.
If you have any other questions about French doors or would like more information on other patio door options, visit an Al Ghazi showroom or call us on the number listed.