Frameless Folding Door

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Frameless Folding Door

Al Ghazi is known for our ability to supply and install frameless folding doors. This variety of stacking doors is an absolute sublime addition to any home style in UAE. Thick glass panes are attached to an elaborate runner system that makes opening and closing a breeze. If you’re looking for a high end finish to your terrace or simply want a clear division between two rooms, then frameless folding doors come highly recommended.
Durable, weatherproof, our made to measure frameless folding doors open and close easily and quickly, whatever the season. Available in a range of frame colours, installation is included as standard. Supply-only is an option on request.

System information

• Dry fit clamp sections for easy installation and onsite adjustments
• Available in 10 or 12mm toughened safety glass
• Upgrade from framed to frameless using existing tracks from most framed stacked doors
• Standard installation method
• Can be used as access door
• Low maintenance
• Bottom running, this improves installation process
• Unique panel retaining system
• Non corrosive materials used
• Double-lip weather seals


Maximum panel height

3500 mm
Maximum panel width 900 mm
Minimum glass thickness 10 mm
Maximum glass thickness 12 mm
SHGC RANCE 0.15 – 0.59
Uw rANCE 3 – 6.2


Upper Door Track;
Material: 6063 aluminium
Thickness: 6mm
Max length: 6 meter available


High Quality Aluminium, Stronger support, but also smoother push and pull


Folding method: Frameless folding door is a great choice for big opening designs