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PivotFlex X1 Series - Pivot Hinged Door System


Discover unparalleled design flexibility with the PivotFlex X1 Series – a cutting-edge pivot system that redefines seamless movement and style. 

Engineered for modern living, this innovative solution effortlessly transforms spaces, allowing doors to pivot with grace and precision. The PivotFlex X1 Series is a testament to form-meeting function, providing a sleek and sophisticated touch to any architectural setting. Embrace the fluidity of contemporary design with a pivot system designed to elevate both aesthetics and functionality. Upgrade your space with PivotFlex X1, where every movement is a statement of modern elegance. Welcome to a new era of dynamic and stylish pivot solutions.



Technical characteristics
Frame Visible Width 40 / 57 mm
Product 1 Value A
Product 2 Value B
Product 3 Value C
Product 4 Value D
Technical characteristics
Frame Visible Height 50 / 70 mm

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