AL GHAZI GROUP was established and is operating since the year 1997 from Dubai.

AL GHAZI GROUP was established and is operating since the year 1997 from Dubai, U.A.E. It proudly presents its substantial contribution as a market leader in Aluminium & Glass, Stainless Steel & SteelContractor, Residential & Commercial Building Contractor, Bi-folding doors & Pergola manufacturer, Automatic Doors in fabrication and installation. AL GHAZI GROUP holding the companies under one roof and providing a wide range of business services to cover all your needs.

Alghazi Contracting

AL GHAZI CONTRACTING Company has established itself as a leading construction company engaged in the construction of G+4 commercial and residential buildings, villas, warehouses, labour camps, building maintenance, steel construction & joinery with a reputation for delivering a high quality. The strength and founding principles still remain with the company’s today as we continue to set standards in the speed and quality of our construction. Our pledge to our clients is to provide services to the highest standards, on or ahead of programme and within budget, always maintaining the highest levels of integrity, safety and quality. Customer satisfaction is reflected in the huge percentage of repeat business undertaken by the company.

Alghazi Aluminium & Glass

AL GHAZI Aluminium and Glass LLC proudly presents the substantial contribution as the largest architectural and a market leader in building, enveloping and glazing contractor, aluminium and glass fabrication and installation in Middle East. We focused on most sophisticated and modern specialized aluminium architectural products and on providing the clients with the best in engineering solution, design, manufacturing and installation of all types of façade system. We always urge for the diversification and having a well-equipped within workshop supported by a well versed team of related highly skilled worker, we provide our customers with the ultimate and most aesthetically outshining. Initially, company focused on alum - architectural cladding, curtain wall, silicone, glazing, doors, windows, sky light, cast & structural aluminium, stainless steel, doors and cladding.

Alghazi Folding Doors

AL GHAZI Automatic Door has been a specialized manufacturer of Folding Door Systems,Telescopic, Slide and Turn Systems ,Parking door Systems & Motorised Pergola Louvered Roof. It also specializes for Automatic Doors such as Sliding Door, Revolving Doors, Swing Gates, Barriers, Industrial and Commercial Door (Rolling and Garage Door) and Security System. Thanks to our employees and the guiding idea to always be one step ahead of the competition, AL GHAZI offers a product range which meets the most exact requirements in terms of quality, function and design and at the same time is highly adaptable to individual needs. The motivation to offer our customers a maximum in performance and reliability. The living spaces of human beings have always consisted of eclectic living concepts. This calls for individual solutions. With its products, AL GHAZI offers the most diverse possibilities to create maximum living spaces and to enhance their usefulness significantly.

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